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General Questions

No, that is not possible. You can only buy LUTEC products in retail shops or online.

If you have a claim, please return to the retailer where you bought the fixture. They will assist you in this case.

For all the products except Solar and battery-operated lamps (2 years), LUTEC offers a 5-year guarantee . Complaints should be made through your dealer, and you have to provide a receipt when filing your complaint.

You can order the spare part or the spare glass at the retailer where you purchased the fixture, as long as the item you need is part of the assortment.

Outdoor Lights

LEDs save up to 85% of energy-costs and also produce more light per Watt of electric energy than standard lamps.

The unit "Kelvin" (K) stands for the light-colour of a light-source that is measured by the colour-temperature. The higher this temperature, the whiter the light seems to the human eye. Common temperatures vary from "warm white" 2.700 K - 3.000 K (similar to incandescent lamps) to "neutral white" 3.500 K - 4.000 K up to "daylight white" 5.500 K - 6.500 K. »

"IP" stands for ingress protection which is the individual protection-class that indicates the suitability of electrical devices (such as luminaires) for different environmental conditions. The numbers following the letters IP indicate the extent of protection towards contact respectively contaminants (1st digit) and moisture respectively water (2nd digit).

In order for a lamp to be used outdoors it must have an IP degree that is at least IP23. It will be stated on the packaging. Also the materials must be suitable for outdoor use.

If there is condensation in the lamps, it can drip from the top of the lamp to the light bulb and it could cut the circuit-breaker. See our section on remedy for condensation in garden lamps because the lamp might also be connected the wrong way. Make sure that the earth wire is connected to the earth terminal on the lamp, or that the double isolation box is at least 10 cm above the surface of the ground in the tube of the garden lamp.

When the bed light fixture or wall light fixture has a double insulation enclosure, it is not necessary to connect the earth wire . All current-carrying parts are already protected by insulation material in different types of plastic.

A 10 Amps fuse can handle a max. load of 2300 Watt, so you must not connect more lamps in series than the fuse box that you connect the lamps to allows. If it is fluorescent light fixtures, this varies depending on the ballast (the electronic or mechanical unit that turns on the fluorescent light) in the lamp. You can exceed the circuit-breaker’s maximum load of 0.03 A by connecting too many fluorescent light fixtures together. Because several conditions are a factor, it is difficult to say exactly how many of the fluorescent light types you can connect together. When you reach the limit ”the rest” has to be connected to a different circuit-breaker (a different group).